Congratulations to our loyal supporter State Street for being named to the Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll and receiving its highest honor– the Ignite Award! This award program was launched this year by Mass Mentoring Partnership to recognize Massachusetts businesses of all sizes that are strengthening communities through engagement of employee, financial, and in-kind resources. The 10 honorees were recognized today at the Corporate Mentoring Summit during National Mentoring Month. Read more about State Street’s deep involvement with Boston Partners’ academic mentoring programs below.

Throughout our 42-year partnership, State Street has provided hundreds of employees to serve as volunteer academic mentors to Boston Public Schools (BPS) students. This academic year, 85 State Street employees participate in one of three programs: the School Volunteer Program, Math Rules! and Power Lunch.

State Street academic mentor Keith and his mentee Nicholas

State Street academic mentor Keith and his mentee Nicholas participate in Power Lunch.

The majority of State Street volunteers participate in Power Lunch, a literacy-based corporate mentoring program for students in kindergarten through third grade. State Street’s Power Lunch volunteers are each paired with an at-risk child with whom they meet weekly over lunch or recess time. By engaging in reading, games and conversation, the volunteers provide personal, one-on-one attention to help foster a love of reading and build the child’s literacy and social skills.


State Street’s Chief Marketing Office Hannah Grove reads “The Nutcracker” aloud to a group of 3rd graders at the Higginson-Lewis School in Roxbury.

State Street also participates in The Big Cheese Reads, Boston Partners in Education’s signature sponsorship and literacy initiative. Each year, State Street sends several of its top executives into middle school classrooms within BPS to read aloud and discuss the link between literacy and career success. At the conclusion of the reading, students have the opportunity to ask the reader questions about his or her career, life and schooling, which allows for a mentoring experience. In the 10 years State Street has participated, 20 corporate-level employees have read, including Vice Chairman Joseph Antonellis; Executive Vice President Alison Quirk; and Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Grove. In 2014 State Street’s CEO Jay Hooley is joining The Big Cheese Reads.

Historically, the State Street Corporation has consistently been one of our top financial supporters. Over the years, the State Street Foundation has and continues to award us major grants in support of our academic mentoring programs. State Street also contributes to Boston Partners in Education through event sponsorships, including our Big Cheese Reads Gala.

State Street employees (like Barbara H., pictured here with student Carlos) believe in giving back to the communities they serve.

State Street employees (like Barbara H., pictured here with student Carlos) believe in giving back to the communities they serve.

In addition to company support, there is a strong tradition of employees making individual donations, either through annual giving or The Big Cheese Reads. State Street employees have also donated generously through the United Way, in many cases seeking matching funds available from the corporation. Additionally, over the past three years, State Street has donated a significant number of auction items to Boston Partners’ annual gala.

State Street’s Vice Chairman Joseph Antonellis has served on Boston Partners in Education’s Board of Directors for 10 years, taking the helm as Chairman in 2006. He is a vigorous advocate for the work of Boston Partners, and supports us because he truly believes in helping children reach their full potential, so that someday, they too can be leaders in our community. Mr. Antonellis visits a middle school classroom each year as a Big Cheese Reader, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the gala and auction every year. (Learn more about his experience with Boston Partners and State Street in the video below). Nicholas Lopardo, a retired State Street Executive, is a long-time board member and dedicated supporter of Boston Partners. Pauliina Swartz, another former State Street employee, also served on the Board of Directors.

State Street supports a number of mentoring organizations in the Boston area. Boston Partners is fortunate to be one of the recipients of the company’s generosity, including financial support and employee time. State Street executives who participate as Big Cheese Readers have also helped recruit other leaders in the area to reinforce the power of mentoring and broaden the outreach to more potential supporters in the community. State Street has graciously hosted several events on our behalf, including read-alouds of the Boston Ballet’s “Nutcracker” at elementary schools.

Each year, State Street and the Boston Ballet team up with Boston Partners to bring an incredible holiday experience to a Boston Public School.

Each year, State Street and the Boston Ballet team up with Boston Partners to bring an incredible holiday experience to a Boston Public School.

State Street has always been committed to enriching and uplifting the communities they serve. The company invests in many nonprofit and cultural institutions to reach their ultimate goal of creating strong, safe communities. State Street is especially focused on supporting the mentoring and education sectors, providing the best opportunities to nurture a productive future workforce. They also encourage their employees to volunteer, reinforcing the company’s core values of responsibility and good citizenship. Boston Partners in Education is greatly appreciative of the deep commitment that State Street has provided to us throughout our 42-year partnership.