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The BPIE Volunteer Resources page is a source for online tools that can provide additional support and help you build skills to maximize your mentoring experience. Whether you’re looking to provide your mentee with additional material during your sessions, learn new strategies and approaches to supporting students in the classroom, or simply review school concepts, you can find the specific materials you need to prepare below. 

Upcoming Mentor Development Sessions

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Mentor Development Sessions Concluded for 2022-23

Our Mentor Development Session series has concluded for the 2022-23 school year. Please check back later this summer when announce next year’s series of workshops.

Past Mentor Development Session Resources

Mentor Development Sessions & Webinars

Panel: The Impact of Academic Mentoring

This special National Mentoring Month edition of our Mentor Development Sessions explores the benefits of academic mentoring, and how its effects extend beyond students to teachers, families, and mentors as well.

Understanding Students’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Needs

Watch a replay of our Mentor Development Session from November 16, 2022, featuring special guest Lucinda Mills – a licensed clinical social worker with the BPS Office of Social Work and one of the BPS 2021 Educator of the Year recipients.

A Holistic Approach to Student Learning

Watch a replay of our Mentor Development Session from December 13, 2021, featuring guest speakers Tina Kondopoulos and Gabby Hernandez from Northeastern University’s Peer Tutoring Program.