Get Involved

Our trained volunteers, who serve as academic mentors, help students gain the skills, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in school and in life! The extra attention students receive during the school day is crucial. Their improved academic success and their increased self-confidence could be the factor that inspires them to stay in school and graduate.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the commitment of our dedicated academic mentors, who come from all walks of life exposing students to a wide diversity of ages, ethnicities, and experiences. So join the hundreds of parents, engineers, college students, senior citizens, doctors, and corporate professionals who we’re proud to call our volunteer base.

Our Programs


Success in the earliest years is critical to building a lifelong love of learning. Motivate mentors support a whole class of students pre-K-2, helping to run activities and smooth transition time. Volunteers get real-world classroom experience, setting positive examples for good behavior, while offering teachers the resource they need most: an extra set of hands.



Students in grades K – 8 are building their academic, social, and emotional skills – and some need extra support. Through one-on-one or small group sessions during classroom time, Accelerate mentors work with students who have been nominated by their teacher as needing to build skills, motivation, and interest in ELA and math.

Aim High

To bridge gaps in knowledge, Aim High volunteers support students in grades 9-12 with the extra push that a high-schooler needs. Individualized attention, either one-on-one or small groups of two to four students, offers soon-to-be graduates with the self-confidence and engagement they need to finish school strong.


Independent Learning Support

In the Independent Learning Support (ILS) model, mentors are connected with Boston Public Schools students who have self-identified or been identified by their families as benefiting from extra, focused academic support. Once matched, mentors will meet with students on Google Meet for a minimum of one hour per week for the duration of the school year.

In this model, mentoring sessions are not bound by school hours – students and mentors can meet at an agreed-upon time to review classwork, work on projects, and build skills in the student’s area of need. There will be a silent proctor attending and monitoring all mentoring sessions for the safety and security of all parties.

How The Process Works


After you submit the form, a staff person from Boston Partners in Education will contact you to schedule an interview. If you need any assistance, call our office at 617.451.6145 for more information.


During the one-hour interview we’ll discuss volunteer opportunities and find a potential match for you. You’ll also be asked to give us permission to conduct Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sexual Offender Record Information (SORI) background checks.


This 1.5 hour mandatory volunteer training will introduce you to a mindset that will help you to be successful in your match. The training will also address guidelines and expectations for mentoring with Boston Partners in Education. As a bonus, it’s a fun opportunity to meet other volunteers in the program and hear their perspectives on mentoring. Staff members conduct our training sessions online via Zoom.


After training and background checks are complete, you are ready to begin and will be matched with a student either in a Boston Public Schools classroom or online. Most volunteers work during school hours (7:30 am–3:20 pm) for one hour a week for the duration of the school year.