We Connect Community to Classroom

Our Mission & Vision

By creating supportive relationships between students and volunteer mentors, Boston Partners in Education ensures a more equitable city where every BPS student is equipped with the skills, opportunity, and confidence to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Our trained volunteers, who serve as academic mentors, help students gain the skills, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in school and in life. Become a BPIE mentor today! 



Our programs are designed to support the work of BPS teachers. To request a volunteer for your classroom, simply identify and nominate students who would benefit from extra help. 



Your support allows us to provide caring mentors to Boston Public Schools students in need of academic and socio-emotional support right now – at no cost to them or their families. 


“By the second term this year, I was struggling to get over a 60 on my tests. But there was no way I was going to let myself fail. That‘s when I reached out to BPIE and applied for a mentor.

I was matched with Tanya and Greg. They teach me how to read. They sit with me for an hour and a half with smiles on their faces as I figure out how to pronounce ‘subconscious.’

They helped me build my grade up from a 48 to an 88 by the end of the term – two points shy of an A! What kind of tutor would do that? A mentor would.”

– Prova Kazi, BPS student/BPIE mentee

Our Impact

"Everybody Needs a Mentor."

Having a mentor — someone Boston Public Schools students can see themselves in — can be a life-changing experience. See why Ronnie and David believe everybody needs a mentor.