Committed Partnership Opportunities: SY 2021-22

Committed Partner schools receive priority matching for our academic mentoring services. Depending on the scale of partnership selected, Committed Partner school are guaranteed support for a minimum of 5 or minimum of 15 academic mentoring matches.

A match is defined as a volunteer academic mentor serving a single student, a small group of students, or a whole class in a classroom during regular instruction time for a minimum of one hour per week.


What We’re Offering To Schools

All Committed Partners will receive the following additional benefits:

  • Guaranteed mentor-mentee matches
  • End of year impact report
  • Prioritized marketing opportunities

What We’re Asking Of Schools

  • Nominate students to work with academic mentors
  • Meet periodically with BPiE staff to ensure a quality partnership
  • Identify opportunities for BPiE staff to share program opportunities with teaching staff
  • Share digital permission slips with families

For more information about Committed Partnerships, please contact Sara Kilroy: [email protected]