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How academic mentoring works

For over 50 years, Boston Partners in Education has matched Boston Public Schools students with experienced academic mentors to help improve their grades and confidence. Here’s how it works:

  • Mentors meet with students in-person or online – for one hour a week – to help with classwork and homework.
  • Any BPS student in grades preK-12 is eligible to be matched with a mentor in any school subject.
  • Mentors support teachers’ lesson plans and provide students with the extra individual attention they need to improve study skills and increase self-confidence.
  • To request a mentor for your classroom, simply identify and nominate students who would benefit from another caring adult in their lives!

Individualized attention for students, more time for teaching!

Here’s how an academic mentor can help

Benefits of academic mentoring

– Academic mentors benefit the whole classroom, allowing busy teachers to concentrate on the kids who are struggling more and need their attention most

– Mentors provide one-on-one attention tailored to support students’ unique learning styles

– Consistent support allows students to build trust and confidence – helping improve attendance and participation in class

– Personalized attention aids with identifying and addressing gaps in students’ learning

– Students receiving extra attention during the school day show an increased interest in school, improved academic performance in math and literacy, enhanced self-esteem, and a better work ethic

Students who benefit most from a mentor

– Have knowledge gaps or lack confidence in a specific subject 

– Lack the study skills necessary for success

– Speak English as a second language

Our Impact



of families said they would recommend working with a BPIE mentor to other families




of families said that working with a mentor helped their student improve in school




of teachers said BPIE mentoring programs helped improve classroom participation




of students said their mentor made them feel like they could succeed in school


Academic Mentoring Options:


Available to students in grades PreK-2. Motivate offers whole classroom support for students and in grades PreK-2, and is designed for early childhood development needs.


Available to students in grades K-8. Accelerate can assist any students in grades K-8 identified by their teacher as needing extra academic or socio-emotional support.

Aim High

Available to all high school students. Aim High supports students in grades 9-12 who have small gaps in skills and knowledge and just need that extra push to find success.