marathon: (măr-ə-thŏn’) Noun
1). A footrace of 26 miles, 385 yards; 2). A contest of endurance

As if it wasn’t already, The Boston Marathon® has become a household name across the U.S. and quite possibly, the world.  There are many reasons one chooses to endure months of rigorous training in the harsh winter conditions, whether it’s the personal triumph of pushing yourself mentally and physically, or just scratching an item off the bucket list. But for Team Boston Partners, running the Boston Marathon is less about the glory and more about a commitment to helping Boston’s children succeed. Learn more about our extraordinary team below, and please cheer them on as they prepare for April 20, 2015.

Meet Team Boston Partners

Carissa CatarellaCarissa Catarella is a 3-time member of Team Boston Partners, raising an impressive $10,000 over the past two marathon cycles. As a former volunteer, Carissa has seen the impact of our academic mentoring programs firsthand. “Knowing how this organization changes the lives of children motivates me to train harder and work harder at fundraising,” Carissa said. Several obstacles have prevented Carissa from crossing the finish line over the past two years, so she’s taking on this challenge with unrelenting persistence. Carissa currently works at Granite Telecommunications and lives in Taunton. To learn more about Carissa or contribute to her campaign, please visit her fundraising page.

Ellie BrinkEllie Brink became inspired to run her first marathon after the tragic events that transpired in 2013. After completing the BAA Half Marathon this past October, Ellie is ready to channel that initial inspiration by taking on the famous Boston Marathon. A Power Lunch volunteer at Gardner Pilot Academy, Ellie is excited to run for Boston Partners in Education, an organization whose cause she “knew was worth raising money for [because] you can see the direct impact of the dollars raised to the schools and programs.” Ellie currently works at Salus Capital Partners and lives in Charlestown. To learn more about Ellie or contribute to her campaign, please visit her fundraising page.

Stephen GreeneStephen Greene enters his first marathon eager to fulfill a long-time goal and follow in the footsteps of his many friends who have run the Boston Marathon for charity. Motivated by a “time in [his] youth where a strong relationship with an adult helped foster an interest in academics,” Stephen is thrilled to be supporting Boston Partners in Education, an organization that continues a similar tradition of mentoring students, through his dedication to completing the Boston Marathon. Stephen works at the American Tower Corporation and currently resides in Waltham. To learn more about Stephen or contribute to his campaign, please visit his fundraising page.

Marathon Coalition

Team Boston Partners is a member of The Marathon Coalition, a group of 16 Boston Athletic Association and John Hancock sponsored charities that train together for the Boston Marathon.

2015 Marathon Team

Our runners are so thankful to be part of the Marathon Coalition, not only for the coaching, but for the camaraderie and support.