Best, Stacey

Stacey running 16 miles

Name: Stacey Best

Occupation: Attorney
Marathon Experience: 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon
Training Tips: Patience, good nutrition and rest are essentials.
Favorite Ice Cream: Nona’s & Coldstone (anything with chunks of chocolate)
Favorite Pre-Run Meal: Spaghetti
What motivated you to run for Boston Partners in Education?
The education of children is an issue near and dear to my heart. I am particularly concerned about the achievement gap that children of color are experiencing. As an African American woman who has attained a post-secondary formal education, I am accepting of an obligation to help people of color succeed. As one of a few people of color that I see at road racing events, it is also an opportunity to draw attention to the health of both body and mind in the black community.
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Burke, Teresa

Marathon Runner, Teresa!

Name: Teresa Burke
Occupation: Bilingual/ESL teacher, co-founder of Hola La
Marathon Experience: This is my first one!
Other sports: Played college tennis at Villanova University
Training Tips: Rest days are important; run at a pace that is comfortable for you
Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s (Chubby Hubby)
Favorite Pre-Run Meal: Pasta
What motivated you to run for Boston Partners in Education?
I volunteered for Boston Partners in Education about 10 years ago in a bilingual school in East Boston. It was this experience that motivated me to pursue a teaching job as a bilingual teacher in Boston Public Schools. I have been working in the field of bilingual education ever since! I love the mission of Boston Partners and am excited to be working to raise money for this amazing organization.
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Diver, Tinu

Tinu running 16 miles

Name: Antinuke (Tinu) Diver
Occupation: Lawyer at a transportation research center; freelance writer of “Yes, We’re Together”
Past Races: 3K in North Carolina, Lawyers Have Heart 5K, ZUMIX Run to the Beat 5K
Marathon Experience: This is my first one!
Training Tips: Even when things become painful and uncomfortable, keep moving forward! Eventually the pain subsides and you realize you’ve arrived at your destination.
Favorite Ice Cream: JP Licks Coffee or Mint Oreo (with chocolate jimmies) & BoYo (Raspberry Lime Rickey)
Favorite Pre-Run Meal: Whole wheat spaghetti with red sauce & soy meatballs
What motivated you to run for Boston Partners in Education?

Two things motivated me to run for Boston Partners. First, is my connection with the organization which began when I moved to Boston in 2007. It was one of the first organizations I connected with as a volunteer. Second, the encouragement of my husband and my former boot camp instructor who ran the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon this past fall to celebrate her 61st birthday. She’s been a big inspiration.
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