Boston Partners’ Team Makes Final Push to Reach Fundraising Goal
One month from today marks the start of the 2013 Boston Marathon®, a world-renowned road race that tests the mental and physical limitations of even the most elite runners. On April 15, 2013, Boston will be flooded by a sea of spectators cheering for 28,000 participants as they trek the challenging 26-mile course. Thanks to the John Hancock Boston Marathon Non-Profit Program,Boston Partners in Education is proud to have three of those runners representing our organization this year.

Our team of three motivated individuals, Brandon Shankle, Carissa Catarella and Benton Berman, is working tirelessly to train for the big event. Each runner has dedicated time and energy to raise funds and awareness for Boston Partners in Education. And if jogging for dozens of miles out in the freezing cold this winter wasn’t enough, the trio has committed to raising money to support Boston Partners’ core programs (School Volunteer Program, Math Rules!, and Power Lunch). Our Executive Director, Pamela Civins, challenged them to raise $20,000 and they are so close! These funds are essential to help provide Boston Public Schools students with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school and in life.

There’s also a special factor that distinguishes this year’s runners from past teams. All three runners have a close connection to Boston Partners, and while running the Boston Marathon fulfills their personal goals, they are all deeply committed to the cause of helping at-risk children in the Boston Public Schools. You can read each runner’s personal tie to our organization below:

Brandon Shankle
BrandonBrandon comes from a Navy family and has lived in areas all over the country. After attending St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, he chose Boston as home. Brandon works for Westfield Capital Management, attends graduate school at Boston University, and has been a Math Rules! volunteer at the Josiah Quincy School in Chinatown since 2010.

Shortly after Brandon moved to Boston, he decided he wanted to get involved in the community, both as a way to give back and to meet new people. He chose Boston Partners because he believes in its mission to help students inside the classroom.

“The best reason to support Boston Partners is because they encourage people to volunteer their time to kids in the local schools, as opposed to just handing out money,” Brandon said. “The students benefit much more from personal interaction than by getting that new computer in the computer lab. Sure, the technology is nice, but learning from another person and getting personal attention trumps that every time and helps build their confidence.”

Brandon is a self-described “sports guy” who actively participates in baseball, hockey, boxing, golf and skiing. He also likes music, and is starting to take up the doghouse bass.

You can read more about Brandon and donate to his mission here:

Carissa Carissa Catarella
Carissa grew up in Weymouth and currently resides in Raynham, where she works at Joyal Capital Management. Prior to moving to the South Shore, Carissa lived in Boston and worked at State Street, one of Boston Partners’ strongest corporate alliances. It was during that time when Carissa volunteered at the John Marshall Elementary School in Dorchester.

Though her current distance from the city keeps her from volunteering, Carissa’s commitment to support Boston Partners is still evident. Despite her long hours at work, Carissa has managed to organize a few fundraising events that have been crucial towards her reaching her minimum goal of $5,000.

“I have volunteered for Boston Partners in the past, and knowing how this organization changes the lives of children motivates me to train harder and work harder at fundraising … I only wish I lived closer to the Boston area so that I could volunteer for them again.” Carissa said.

Carissa is actively interested in researching healthy lifestyle habits and food, and she remains incredibly focused on her running. She ran a half-marathon in February as preparation for the “big day” on April 15, and after the Boston Marathon, she is contemplating taking a shot at a triathlon.

You can read more about Carissa and donate to her mission here:

Benton Berman Benton
Benton grew up in Newton and currently lives in the Back Bay area, where he works for Liberty Mutual. He’s running the 2013 Boston Marathon in honor of his father, Bill, who served on Boston Partners’ Board of Directors for over 20 years (1988-2010). The leadership and dedication Bill demonstrated during both good and challenging times left a legacy and served as an inspiration to his Board and beyond.

Over the years, Benton has attended many Boston Partners events and interacted with several students who have benefited from the individualized mentoring services provided by Boston Partners.

“Boston Partners provides the opportunity for 3,700 Boston children to be better positioned for success by the one-on-one tutoring that their 655 tutors provide each year,” Benton said. “The recipients of these services would otherwise have to struggle to find a way to meet these needs in an educational environment that does not have the resources to provide this kind of focused support.”

When he’s not running or supporting various charitable causes in the city, Benton loves to spend time with his wife and eight-year-old son. He enjoys traveling, skiing, playing with their dog, Tank, and is a huge Boston sports fan.

You can read more about Benton and donate to his mission here: