Paresh & Frankie_Power LunchParesh Motiwala is a Power Lunch volunteer and has been reading aloud to a first grader, Frankie, for two years at the McKay K-8 School in East Boston.

Paresh works for Bingham McCutchen, a law firm that has partnered with Boston Partners in Education for over 15 years!  Paresh travels to East Boston from his office in transportation generously provided by Bingham.

We invited Paresh to our 8th annual Big Cheese Reads Gala to speak to our guests about the time he spends with Frankie and why it’s so important.  Hear what he has to say:

Frankie could not be with us the night of the gala, but when we spoke to him he told us that he really likes to read and he especially likes reading with his mentor, because he’s so funny, and because he helps him with the words he doesn’t understand.