School has started and we can’t wait to have our volunteers back in the classroom!  Please be sure to contact us if you’re a returning volunteer.  If you are considering volunteering, here’s a link to our online application form.

If you’re new to Boston Partners in Education, you might not know about one of our amazing perks: throughout the school year and during the summer we host a lot of fun events!  Our events are a chance to meet your fellow volunteers and have some fun.  In recent years, volunteers have had the chance to participate in the Boston Marathon®, The Rodman Ride for Kids, trivia competitions, even a super swanky cocktail party at the fabulous FP3 lofts.

Laurelin post-marathon  Marathon Trivia_2010  FP3_2010

Math Rules! Volunteers at Red Sox_2011  VRE_2011  Winter Warmer_2011

One of our first special events of the school year is new to Boston Partners and there are many ways to participate:

Introducing the Comicazi Cookie Clash, Saturday, October 15 at 7PM

Hosted by: Comicazi

If you enjoy BAKING cookies:
The rules are simple – bake at least two dozen cookies in three categories – classic chocolate chip, bar, and a wild card of your choice – and bring them down to Comicazi. There they will be judged and prizes awarded in each category!

1.To support Boston Partners!
2. For the glory! Now when you tell people you make “the best chocolate-chip cookies,” you’ll be able to back up your claim.
3. For the prizes! They’re going to be fantastic.  We have prizes from Flour Bakery, Dave’s Fresh Pasta, and Taza Chocolate.

What do I have to do?
1. Sign up! Email Erin.

2. Bake at least 2 dozen cookies in each of the following categories:
Chocolate Chip – the classic
Bar – your basic brownies, magic bars, lemon squares
Wild Card – Baker’s Choice! Your chance to wow the judges with your best/wildest/most inspired cookie

3. Bring your cookies to Comicazi by 3 p.m. on October 15, 2011

Bakers are strongly encouraged to attend the event (if you bake, you do not pay admission)! And remember, the more friends you bring with you, the more chances you have at winning the “People’s Choice” Award.

If you enjoy EATING cookies:
A mere $6 will get you all the cookies you can eat, a glass of milk (from our generous milk sponsor, Crescent Ridge Dairy) or coffee to wash them down, and the chance to vote for the People’s Choice!

You also have the opportunity to judge at the event. If you are the cookie connoisseur amongst your friends, email us.

Comicazi is located in Davis Square, 407 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

Even if you can’t make this event, we hope you are able to join us for another. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog to stay informed about all of our events.