Last Saturday over 200 people gathered in a Davis Square comic book shop with one goal in mind:
To eat as many cookies as possible!
Line Back

Of course, eating all of those cookies had a nobler purpose. By paying a $6 entry fee, attendees of the Comicazi Cookie Clash 2011 were supporting the programs of Boston Partners in Education.
more cookies!
Over the course of the night we raised over $1,250!

Eighteen bakers from all over Boston baked two dozen each of chocolate chip, bar, and wild card cookies in an attempt to capture glory and fabulous prizes while supporting Boston Partners’ work in the Boston Public Schools!

Our judges took their work very seriously:
bar judging

Top honors in the Wild Card category went to Laura Root Lintz, former Boston Partners in Education employee with her Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie:
WC #1

The top bars were Pumpkin Pecan Blondies by Team T&A:
Bar #1

The coveted chocolate chip prize went to the Salted Peanut Butter Chunk Cookies by Team Chocolate Eats:
Choc Chip #1

We also had a People’s Choice Award, encouraging all of our attendees to select the one cookie they felt truly passionate about. Appropriately enough, that honor went to Meredith Plourde’s Raspberry Passionfruit Shortbread Bars!
Peoples Choice

We’d like to thank all 18 of our bakers for taking their time to make the amazing cookies our guests enjoyed! A huge thanks, also, to our sponsors:

  • Comicazi – for the space, the idea, prizes and staff!
  • Crescent Ridge Dairy provided all of our milk, and was really enjoyed by everyone – not a drop was left!

We’d also like to thank our super judge team:

  • Matty Baker
  • Caitlin Bottego
  • Michael Burke
  • Michael Caveney
  • Dan Cleri
  • Isabelle Leao Deslandes
  • Matt Gamble
  • Elizabeth Ginsburg
  • Scott Long

Finally, a huge thanks and shout-out to everyone who helped us to promote this event! At least half of our bakers and the majority of our guests came thanks to:
Boston Tweet
Boston Events Insider
Boston Food Examiner
Travel, Wine, Dine

A great time was had by all – thank you!
Cookie Clash_table