Boston Partners in Education: Who We Are

At Boston Partners in Education, we believe all students have the potential, and should have the opportunity, to succeed. That is why, each year, we match thousands of Boston’s public school students with volunteer tutors and mentors who believe in them and their future.

We accomplish this through a decades-long partnership with the Boston Public Schools. Teachers identify young people in their classrooms who would benefit from additional academic and socio-emotional support. Boston Partners in Education then matches them with trained volunteer academic mentors, supporting these relationships throughout the school year as they work together in the classroom.

Every year, the students we support through our programs show increased interest in academics, improved performance in Mathematics and English Language Arts, and increased self-confidence.

Boston Partners in Education is seeking an Executive Director to lead this tradition of excellence. We are looking for a leader who believes that building partnerships with public schools and prioritizing investments in the lives of our city’s students is vital to their future — and our own.

Core Competencies of the Executive Director

Boston Partners in Education seeks to hire a seasoned Executive Director with significant experience in nonprofit executive leadership. Our next Executive Director (ED) will assume the responsibility for ensuring that Boston Partners in Education’s mission is carried out to its greatest potential and will excel in four distinct professional competencies: Relationship Building, Fundraising, Leadership Experience, and the ability to Define and Drive a Strategic Vision.

1.) Relationship Building

An ideal candidate for Boston Partners in Education’s current Executive Director role will have demonstrated an ability to build and maintain working relationships with key stakeholders in their field — as well as policymakers, corporate partners, and philanthropic leaders. They will also have demonstrated an ability to successfully navigate the nonprofit and public policy landscape and engage in public partnerships which have improved their organization’s outcomes and brand in their social impact field.

2.) Fundraising

An ideal candidate for Boston Partners in Education’s current Executive Director role will have demonstrated an ability to significantly increase their organization’s annual fundraising and raise at least $1.5 to $2 million in total annual revenue. They should also have demonstrated success in cultivating and stewarding donors at all levels of institutional giving.

3.) Leadership Experience

An ideal candidate for this executive role will have demonstrated the ability to deliver clear, timely, persuasive, and thorough messages to their organization’s stakeholders, especially board members and staff, through a variety of communications platforms. They must also have shown the capacity to be an inclusive and collaborative manager of people, a leader who consistently includes all relevant stakeholders in appropriate decision-making and planning processes.

4.) Defining & Driving Strategic Vision

An ideal candidate for this executive role must also have led a proven strategic planning process utilizing reliable sources (particularly CRM, employee, and stakeholder survey data) to construct a comprehensive, multi-year vision and roadmap for their organization and inspired all stakeholders to act in service of that strategic vision.

Required Skills and Experience

Boston Partners in Education Executive Director candidates must be able to demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • 3 to 10 years of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, which includes working effectively with a Board of Directors and Chairperson
  • Managed a paid staff of at least 10 nonprofit employees and at least 4 to 7 direct reports in a senior management role
  • Overseen the recruitment and managing volunteers
  • Can demonstrate a set of authentic core values that seeks out input from stakeholders and includes employees in the process of developing innovative solutions and making key decisions

Preferred Experience

Boston Partners in Education would, all qualifications being equal, prefer any Executive Director candidate who can demonstrate the following:

  • Previous experience working within or partnering with urban public schools or volunteer management, mentoring, and youth development organizations to improve academic outcomes for young people
  • Previous experience volunteering as a tutor or mentor to a Boston Public School student
  • At least 3 years experience utilizing Salesforce or similar CRM systems to inform sales/development strategy and strategic planning

Additional Information

Reports to: Board Chairperson, Board of Directors, and Boston Partners in Education’s Executive Committee

Benefits: three weeks’ vacation; two weeks’ sick time; employer-sponsored health care, dental, life, and disability insurance; available transportation benefit; professional development fund available to all employees

EEOC/Equity Statement: Boston Partners in Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject line “Executive Director Opening.”