Boston Partners in Education's Charity in Bloom arrangementBeginning today you can support Boston Partners in Education by sending flowers!  During the month of March, Winston Flowers will offer a custom Charity in Bloom floral arrangement designed exclusively for us.

For every Charity in Bloom arrangement purchased this month, Winston Flowers will donate twenty percent (20%) of the retail price to us! The arrangement is available at four different price points and can be ordered and sent out-of-state.

Last year, we raised nearly $20,000 through Charity in Bloom.  This year we are going for $30,000!

You might be surprised to find out that there are many holidays in March that you can celebrate by sending flowers.  Don’t believe us? Read on!


Holidays in March

March 1
The first day of Charity in Bloom!
March 2
Dr. Seuss’ birthday
National Employee Appreciation Day
March 3
National I Want You To Be Happy Day
March 8
International Working Women’s Day
National Be Grumpy Day (we do not condone this holiday)
March 9
Karleigh Rose Pettit’s birthday (our dedicated Power Lunch Manager)
Make up for National Be Grumpy Day
Did you take full advantage of National Be Grumpy Day? It’s time to make up for it now! With flowers!
March 15
National Incredible Kid Day
Tell your favorite kid (or all of your kids) how amazing they are.
March 16
National Everything You Do Is Right Day
What better way to send this message than with flowers?
March 17
St. Patrick’s Day
Judy Harrington’s Work-Anniversary (our dedicated Director of Development)
March 20
First Day of Spring!
National Proposal Day
If you’re thinking about proposing flowers would be a nice touch.
March 21
Single Parent’s Day
March 23
National Organize Your Home Office Day
You know what would look great in a well-organized office? A lovely bouquet of flowers!
March 26
National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 27
National “Joe” Day
Do you know a Joe?  Send him flowers- it’s his day!
March 28
National Something On A Stick Day
Flowers are on a stick, or stem. (Ok, this one is a stretch.)
March 29
National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
March 31
It’s the last day of March.  Who did you forget?

While it’s fun to receive flowers on holidays, it’s even better to receive flowers just because someone wants you to know you are special.  Who do you want to show they are special?  Send flowers!