Meet our Team

  • Erin McGrath

    Education is the cornerstone to success, and a free public education is a promise that we should live up to as a society.

    Executive Director


    Phone: x 3667

  • Emelia Andres

    I believe in providing opportunities for students to feel supported, empowered, and connected to the community.

    Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3862

  • Christopher Cotrone

    I come from a family of educators who I’ve watched inspire countless students to succeed — that’s a family business I want to join.

    Marketing Manager


    Phone: x 3795

  • Peter Darling

    I find value in keeping the community connected and involved with what’s going on around them.

    Program Director


    Phone: x 3724

  • Molly Dee

    Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and gives us the tools to change it into something better.

    AmeriCorps VISTA Branding Coordinator


    Phone: x 3761

  • Kaytlin Eldred

    I am the person I am today because someone decided to mentor me; I hope that I can replicate that meaningful relationship in a student’s life.

    AmeriCorps VISTA Development Coordinator


    Phone: x 3559

  • Shara Guarnaccia

    I partner because I believe every child deserves a quality education and that a personal champion can help them realize their full potential.

    Senior Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3845

  • Judy Harrington

    Working with students both professionally and volunteering has been a life changing experience.

    Director of Development


    Phone: x 3863

  • Andy Kall

    I believe in order to have a successful future, we have to enable change individually and locally.

    Corporate Relations Manager


    Phone: x 3903

  • Ahna Kielar

    Education is a source of empowerment best experienced in the context of relationship. Equal access to this type of support is a key aspect of social justice.

    AmeriCorps Highland Street Ambassador of Mentoring


    Phone: x 3717

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