Meet our Team

  • Erin McGrath

    Education is the cornerstone to success, and a free public education is a promise that we should live up to as a society.

    Executive Director


    Phone: x 3667

  • Emelia Andres

    I believe in providing opportunities for students to feel supported, empowered, and connected to the community.

    Senior Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3862

  • Fran Batuyios

    I believe that we, as a society, share a responsibility for our children. It is everyone’s job to support them, lift them up and allow them to shine.

    Big Cheese Reads Coordinator


    Phone: x 3627

  • Christopher Cotrone

    I come from a family of educators who I’ve watched inspire countless students to succeed — that’s a family business I want to join.

    Director of Marketing


    Phone: x 3795

  • Peter Darling

    All students deserve individualized support to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

    Director of Data and Evaluation


    Phone: x 3724

  • Tisha Hood

    I can greatly appreciate the value of academic support. I am most uplifted and motivated by how we’ve been able to shape students’ academic experiences into positive expectations.

    Program Director


    Phone: x 3761

  • Jim Laudisio

    Every student deserves the individualized, caring, consistent guidance of a mentor.

    Chief Operating Officer


    Phone: x 3732

  • Sue Li

    All children deserve to have access to an excellent education ​regardless of their zip code​s​, their parents​’ earnings​​, or the color of their skin.​

    Senior Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3665

  • Eva MacDuff

    We try to make the best possible match so it’s positive for you, beneficial to the student, and good for the community.

    Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3845

  • Beth Manson

    Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to get involved with the community while supporting the growth of students.

    Development Associate


    Phone: x 3717

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