Boston Partners in Education is always recruiting volunteer academic mentors. We search for volunteers from the community and local businesses.  The opportunity to work in a classroom in the Boston Public Schools (BPS) appeals to many different people, from all walks of life.

This week is National Volunteer Week and each day we will profile a different person who represents one of the many types of volunteers who work in BPS through Boston Partners in Education.

Today you can read about Megan Daly. Megan is a former insurance client representative and current nanny in the process of making a career change- she is enrolled in UMass Boston’s “Teach Next Year” program. Many of our volunteers work with us while considering a career in education in order to gain experience in a classroom.  We love that our work inspires and helps individuals as they transition to teaching.

Megan has been a Math Rules! volunteer for two years.  She is currently working with four fifth grade students at the Quincy Elementary School.
Megan Daly with class
Why did you choose this organization?
I was googling for volunteer opportunities that would help me figure out if I truly wanted to teach. Coming across the Boston Partners in Education website, I was impressed by how long you have been in the education field (over 45 years!). I read the mission statement and really liked what it said – I was particularly interested in getting exposure to the classroom.

How many kids have you served in your time with us?
Over the past two years I’ve worked with eight great kids – four each year!

When did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher? Did your work with Boston Partners in Education affect that decision in any way?
About two and a half to three years ago I was working for an insurance company and I started thinking about changing my career to teaching. Volunteering through Boston Partners has solidified my desire to pursue a teaching career because I was able to experience a classroom setting first-hand.  I have been able to observe Ms. Chaves demonstrate academics in a realistic setting. Being committed to staying in her classroom for two years has been awesome.

Megan Daly with class

What other charitable work, if any, do you do?
I also volunteer with Alliance for Animals, a shelter in South Boston.

Thank you card from Megan's students

A thank you card from Megan’s students

What do you like most about mentoring?
I like that I learn as much from the kids as they learn from me.  They keep me grounded, and I love working with them.

Do you have any inspiring stories?
One of my former students made me a card thanking me. She was excited because she’d gotten a 4 – the highest grade possible – in Ms. Chaves’ class and felt that it was because of all of the tutoring she received!

A thank you card from Megan's students

A thank you card from Megan’s students