Fifteen-hundred cookies were baked and served this past Sunday, October 14th, as rival bakers mixed batter with imagination to compete for the top spot at Comicazi’s annual Cookie Clash to benefit Boston Partners in Education.

This year’s Clash featured twenty bakers vying for a number of prizes, with each baker creating three concoctions including a traditional chocolate chip, a dessert bar, and a wildcard option. The event was organized in part by the Ladies of Comicazi, an inclusive community devoted to consuming, critiquing, and creating comics and pop culture.

Baker creativity and embrace of the comics theme were on full display: “Wookie Pies” and “Beholder Cookies” were just some of the charming additions to the platters. The event proved to be a huge draw for the comic shop, and in total, $895 dollars were raised for Boston Partners in Education to continue to support students in the Boston Public Schools.

Comicazi has been a valued supporter of Boston Partners in Education for more than seven years. For more information about Cookie Clash from years past, as well as the history of Comicazi’s relationship with our organization, please read our story HERE.