Boston Public Schools: At home learning support and instructional packets organized by grade and subject.

Wide Open Schools: Resources for both educators and families, Wide Open School is a free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense.

K-12: Free, online curricula that parents/teachers can use on any topic from K-12. Accredited in MA, so if students do take classes, Massachusetts offers them credit.

Khan AcademyExcellent resource for Math, Science, and History support. Free step-by-step lessons with video explanations. Other languages supported.

Read WorksFree online resources for teachers and parents helping their kids with reading, K-12.

Corita Kent: Corita Arts Center provides Elementary School Activity Packets showcasing a message of hope, love, and justice through the subject of Art. Available in both English and Spanish.

“Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures” by Kathleen Morris: Blog guide with resources from around the globe in planning for and during a school closure.

Boston Foundation Special Funds: Emergency fund focused on providing general operating support grants to nonprofits whose operations address the basic needs of vulnerable populations.

UCB Funds Request FormGift cards for individuals in need of financial support.

Boston School FinderResource page for families of information, financial support, home learning support, and critical resources.

Boston Resiliency FundEmergency fund to provide food for children and seniors, technology for remote learning for students, and support to first responders and healthcare workers in the City of Boston.

American Psychological AssociationAPA provides insight on how to navigate the news-inducing levels of anxiety.

USCF Psychologist Ellisa EpelLessons to understand the difference between anxiety and panic and steps you can take to prevent panic and be prepared during the time of COVID-19.

Boston Parent PaperHow to talk to children about COVID-19.