John C. Rennie Mentor of the Year: Myriam Hernandez

Our 2021 Mentor of the Year is Myriam Hernandez, a name you might recognize from a previous story on our blog. She is known for having a “familiar face,” to students at the Hernández School where she has been mentoring students for nearly five years. Myriam was seen as a familial presence walking around the Hernández, but virtual learning has allowed Myriam to literally build a relationship with her student’s family. From reading to her mentee’s sibling to fostering a bridge between parent and teacher, Myriam Hernandez goes above and beyond to ensure that BPS students and their families are supported.

Betsy A. Nelson Educator of the Year: Ms. Kurshan Cox

This year’s Educator Of The Year is Ms. Kurshan Cox, a teacher at the Blackstone Elementary School. Ms. Cox understands the value of in-class support and believes that mentors have been the perfect addition to her first-grade classroom. Ms. Cox has been an educator at the Blackstone for over five years, with her first three years as a paraprofessional. Now rounding out her second school year as a lead teacher, Ms. Cox welcomes five mentors into her classroom. The relationships that Ms. Cox has fostered with BPIE mentors truly makes them feel like a member of her classroom. Ms. Cox provides feedback, offers support, and validates her mentors’ concerns, all while managing her first-grade classroom!

Joyna Bozzoto Award: Dave Miller

Dave Miller has been volunteering with BPIE for over five years, mentoring students at Burke High School, Boston Latin School, New Mission High School, and proctoring through our new ILS program. He’s developed relationships with countless students and has plenty of stories to tell, from in-person moments to virtual ones. Dave has a natural instinct for teaching and will never turn down a student who asks for his help. He consistently supports his mentees and makes himself available to others. Dave’s spirit and commitment to Boston Public Schools students are what make him deserving of the Bozzotto Award. His years of mentorship prove that dedication and commitment are integral to supporting students effectively.

Student Spotlight Award: Sasha Pierre, Jackson/Mann K-8 School

The Student Spotlight Award is presented to a BPIE student mentee who has shown a positive attitude toward their classmates, school, and community. Sasha Pierre, fifth-grader at the Jackson/Mann K-8, has displayed an understanding and appreciation for both personal growth and academic responsibility this year. She has worked hard to enrich her learning and focus on her reading and writing skills. Sasha and her mentor Jenny enjoy meeting over Zoom to talk about her favorite books and practice her skills. She is a role model in her classroom and a student who has come a long way in a very short period of time. Sasha shows an eagerness to read and engage in activities that are both difficult and new to her, and her determination and hard work have earned her the 2021 Student Spotlight Award!