Erin McGrath

Erin McGrath is the Executive Director of Boston Partners in Education. Erin became Executive Director in January 2018 after serving more than 17 years as an academic mentor and 10 years as Boston Partners’ Program Director.

Ten years ago, Erin ran the Boston Marathon — her very first — on behalf of Boston Partners. Since then, she has run 10 marathons and is a proud marathon coach for Boston Fit. Erin is thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her first Boston Marathon® by running to support Boston Public Schools students once again.

To support Erin, visit her fundraising page here.

Ken O’Hara

Ken O’Hara is a Principal at KPMG LLP. Ken was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where he worked as a teacher before moving to the United States in his mid-20s. While in Ireland, Ken taught Economics, Taxation, and Statistics. He has worked with KPMG for over 15 years – a career that has taken him to California, Portugal, and Boston.

As a former teacher and long-time Big Cheese Reader with Boston Partners in Education, Ken is excited to be running the Boston Marathon® for a cause that’s close to his heart.

To support Ken, visit his fundraising page here.

Grant Simpson

Grant Simpson is the president and co-founder of Doors Residential Brokerage & Advisory. He has been active in Boston area brokerage since 2013. Before his career in residential real estate, Grant spent 13 years in corporate finance and investment banking. He is an active member of the local community, serving on the Board of Directors of Boston Partners in Education, and as a volunteer academic mentor. He also serves as the Vice President of the Bay Village Neighborhood Association.

Grant is running the Boston Marathon® to raise money and awareness for the need for more volunteer academic mentors in our schools. Grant’s mom was a public school teacher and he is grateful for having her and others around him that believed in the importance of education while he was growing up.

To support Grant, visit his fundraising page here.


To learn more about Erin, Ken, and Grant, or to support the team as they train for the 2020 Boston Marathon, please visit the Team Boston Partners CrowdRise page.