Samantha Ieva

Samantha Ieva is thrilled to be running the Boston Marathon this year for Boston Partners in Education! Samantha didn’t start running until her late twenties, but hasn’t stopped since! She ran the Boston Marathon in 2001 (her first year running) and has continued to run both short and longer distances in the years that followed. For the past six years she’s run a steady stream of half marathons (several each year) and has been seeking an opportunity to run another marathon.

Samantha lives in Londonderry, NH with her husband, two daughters (16, 14), two cats and two snakes. She enjoys the camaraderie of running with friends (old & new) and helping others.

Samantha enjoys working with children in New Hampshire and helping them become inspired by STEM careers. She is passionate about helping young adults learn meaningful skills and obtain jobs that can pay a living wage. The mission of Boston Partners in Education speaks to some of Samantha’s main interests: helping others make the most of their skills and talents, active involvement with community, and fostering a love of learning in children.

To support Samantha, visit her fundraising page here.

Aida Maher

Aida Maher grew up in Malaysia but moved to the Boston area in 1996. She currently resides in Londonderry, New Hampshire with her husband Brad and two daughters. She currently works at Fidelity Investments.

Aida’s passion for running started in 1998, when a group of her friends impulsively decided they “wanted to run Boston.” She successfully completed the Boston Marathon twice in 2000 and 2002, but took a break from distance running when her daughters were born. She really missed the long runs and started signing up for half marathons when her daughters were a little older. She participates in half marathons regularly now, and runs frequently with her family.

Besides running, Aida spends her free time leading STEM-based events at middle & high schools across the region to help inspire students, and in particular girls, to consider careers in STEM. Aida is very proud to represent Boston Partners in Education in the upcoming 2019 Boston Marathon.

To support Aida, visit her fundraising page here.

Morgan McKenna

Morgan McKenna currently lives in Dedham, Massachusetts and works at Denterlein, a public relations firm in Boston. She has always had an interest in running and loves training for big races.

As a recent graduate of the University of Connecticut, she ran her first half marathon in Connecticut last year and has been running consistently ever since. It has always been a personal goal of hers to run a marathon and getting to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon will be a dream come true. Morgan is so proud to represent Boston Partners in Education in the 2019 Boston Marathon.

To support Morgan, visit her fundraising page here.

To learn more about Samantha, Aida, and Morgan, or to support them as they train for the 2019 Boston Marathon, please visit the Team Boston Partners CrowdRise page.