Aaron Cohen’s sixth-grade class at Blackstone Elementary School welcomed Pathfinder Jason Burrell on Tuesday, April 30. Jason shared his journey from a kid who loved playing South End baseball to a successful career in law. Jason is an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and though he still loves baseball, he has added golf, cooking, and playing the saxophone to his repertoire.

When asked “what he would tell your sixth-grade self,” Jason shared that academically, he was struggling, but that he worked hard, had a strong support system through family and teachers, and really turned things around for himself while at Charlestown High School. During his visit, Jason urged students to “dig in and do the work. Look to your teachers for help…if it wasn’t for the support I had, I would be in a different place in my life today.”

Jason’s interest in law took hold during high school when he worked as an intern at a law firm delivering mail to attorneys. While there, he asked many questions, learned about the profession, and decided it combined everything he loved: reading, writing, and arguing. With this in mind, Jason set his sights on attending college and later pursuing law school.

Jason continued to share details about his day-to-day at Kirkland & Ellis, including litigation and contracting. He emphasized that you don’t always win the courtroom but that sometimes, coming to a settlement is the best resolution. He holds humility and civility in high regard and though he has worked in politics – first as a member of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s staff and later in the campaign to elect Governor Maura Healey – he doesn’t see a career in politics in his future. 

When asked if he’s a good lawyer, Jason chuckled and said he does consider himself a good lawyer but that there’s always room for improvement, and he continually strives to hone his craft and be better at his profession. 

In closing, Jason was thankful for the opportunity to share his journey with young people, noting that  he was lucky to have had guidance and support at a young age, and this opportunity allowed him to “return the favor.”