Connecting business and community leaders to middle school students

The Big Cheese Reads introduces business, community, and cultural leaders (“Big Cheeses”) to middle school students in the Boston Public Schools through a one-time classroom visit. During this visit, “Big Cheeses” read to the students and share experiences that emphasize the vital role literacy plays in future achievement, particularly career success.

Since its inception in 2004, over 450 corporate and community leaders have gone back into the classroom to support the initiative. For a complete list of all “Big Cheeses,” view our Big Cheese Readers Hall of Fame.

Helping to fund our major programs

The Big Cheese Reads is also our corporate fundraising initiative, which supports all of our in-school academic mentoring programs. Funds raised through the initiative enable us to recruit, train, place, and support more volunteers in Boston Public Schools classrooms.

The initiative culminates in our annual Big Cheese Reads Gala, where over 450 of our community partners and civic leaders join us annually in support of public education and our Big Cheese Readers.

For a list of sponsorship levels, please see the Corporate Sponsorship Levels.

For more information on becoming or sponsoring a Big Cheese Reader, please contact Andy Kall: [email protected] or 617.451.6145.