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  • All students deserve an equal chance. We must continue to level the playing field for students disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the trauma of racial injustice. Your donation to our Education As An Equalizer campaign will allow us to provide mentors to the students in need of academic and socio-emotional support right now […]

  • An Hour A Week. A Lifetime of Opportunity. Our trained volunteers, who serve as academic mentors, help students gain the skills, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in school and in life! The extra attention students receive during the school day is crucial. Their improved academic success and their increased self-confidence could be the factor […]

  • Boston Partners in Education’s programs are designed to support the work of BPS teachers. Faced with growing demands of classroom instruction, budget cuts and administrative paperwork, teachers are often looking for help in providing struggling students with the individual attention they need to become better learners. Our proven and innovative approach to training and managing volunteers leaves our […]

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