Boston schools and students require extra support during a pivotal period in Boston Public School (BPS) history. School Volunteers for Boston (SVB) funded by Boston Foundation and other visionaries. Under the umbrella organization known as the Council for Public Schools, 28 women enter the schools as the first of thousands of volunteers. They serve as classroom assistants and ESL tutors. Under the guidance of director Edna Koretsky, the program expands dramatically.


BPS need school libraries and library staff. In partnership with BPS, we establish 100+ school libraries and train volunteers to staff them.


BPS seeks to provide students with community role models. SVB launches innovative one-on-one tutoring programs.


Boston court-ordered busing begins. Our volunteers ride with students for safety, and help organize biracial committees for the parents of school children.


Lethally devastating fire destroys SVB office and records. Thanks to our community and corporate partners, SVB "rises from the ashes" and rebuilds in new John Hancock Building space.


BPS forms school zones to organize busing. We respond by organizing our program delivery to match the city's district zoning.


Reading Aloud initiated. Our S*T*A*R*S volunteers read aloud at 1,000 presentations.


Urban parents seek additional resources for children in schools across Boston. SVB creates Parents Educational Resource Center & "Families that Play Together" events.


SVB becomes Boston Partners in Education Inc. Our organization re-commits itself to partnerships for the good of BPS students.


Elementary schools need STEM courses. Boston Partners in Education creates science and math support programs like AquaSmarts (with MWRA) and Masterminding.


Boston corporatations reinvigorate their commitments to supporting Boston students. Power Lunch program taps business people as volunteers.


Workforce development becomes a prior. SVB includes Career Education programs that connect high school students to professionals.


Rainbow clad gas tanks in Dorchester, created by artist and Boston Partners supporter Corita Kent come down. BPS Students paint first ceremonial swaths on new tanks. Paint chips from original tanks are made into lucite cubes sold by Boston Gas with proceeds going to Boston Partners in Education. Thousands of dollars raised in support of the organization.


MCAS requirement testing begins, a requirement for graduation. We create the MCAS Prep to help prepare Boston's high school students.


Corporations promote volunteerism and look for ways that their employees can support education. Power Lunch program engages hundreds of business volunteers.


Students need career models to envision their futures. The Big Cheese Reads Initiative is launched, connecting middle school students with business, community and cultural leaders through reading and discussion.


BPS elementary students require extra attention in math. Boston Partners in Education responds by bringing math support to students right into the classroom.


STEM education becomes a nationwide priority. Boston Partners in Education expands STEM support to elementary, middle and high school students.


Boston Partners in Education updates its mission and continues to transform itself. Mission: Boston Partners in Education enhances the academic achievement and nurtures the personal growth of Boston’s public school students by providing them with focused, individualized, in-school volunteer support.


Big Cheese Reads breaks fundraising record and reaches more middle school students. Big Cheese Reads celebrates a decade of high-profile business leaders giving back.


Boston Partners in Education re-envisions how it will partner with schools in the next decade. Performance Partners initiates deeper school partnerships through three opportunities--Motivate, Accelerate and Aim High--as the organization celebrates 50 years of providing students academic mentoring support from volunteers in the community.