Boston Partners in Education is proud to provide online mentoring support to students this year.

Boston Partners in Education’s programs are designed to support the work of BPS teachers. Faced with growing demands of online instruction, budget cuts, and administrative paperwork, teachers are often looking for help in providing struggling students with the individual attention they need to become better learners. Our proven and innovative approach to training and managing volunteers leaves our academic mentors uniquely equipped to assist in online classrooms.

To request a volunteer for your online classroom, simply identify and nominate students who would benefit from extra help. Students can be nominated at any point throughout the year. Choose from the following program offerings.


Available to students in grades PreK-2. Motivate offers whole classroom support for students and in grades PreK-2, and is designed for early childhood development needs.

Motivate Nomination


Available to students in grades K-8. Accelerate can assist any students in grades K-8 identified by their teacher as needing extra academic or socio-emotional support.

Accelerate Nomination


Available to all high school students. Aim High supports students in grades 9-12 who have small gaps in skills and knowledge and just need that extra push to find success.

Aim High Nomination

To learn more about our academic mentoring programs, please contact:
Senior Partnerships Manager Eva MacDuff or see our Frequently Asked Questions.