Announcing Our Updated Mission, Vision, Values, & Culture

The arrival of the new school year marks an exciting time for reinvention: new classes, new teachers, and new beginnings. For Boston Partners in Education, it also represents the final steps in our organization’s transition into a new era. Last year we introduced our refreshed look and website – our first rebrand in almost three decades. Today we’re proud to share our updated mission, vision, and values – guiding principles that will continue to shape our strategic planning and program delivery.

For nearly 60 years, our purpose in the Boston community has remained constant. We are committed to providing students in the Boston Public Schools with the support they need to reach their full potential. You’ll notice our updated statements continue to reflect this legacy. The changes in our philosophy are small but significant. The mission of any organization is in constant evolution, and we’re excited to refine our promise to students in order to better meet their needs.

Mission & Vision Statement

By creating supportive relationships between students and volunteer mentors, Boston Partners in Education ensures a more equitable city where every BPS student is equipped with the skills, opportunity, and confidence to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

How We Make a Difference

We believe that strong relationships are the foundation for student growth – academically, socially, and emotionally. Our work addresses systemic inequities in public education by increasing students’ access to mentoring relationships during the school day that support their academic and personal achievement.

What We Do

Our programs match BPS students with caring academic mentors from the Boston community who provide them with consistent, individualized attention throughout the school year. Mentors meet students where they are, offering weekly support directly in the classroom or remotely after school hours, in any subject and grade level.

Mentors also reinforce the work of BPS educators by supporting lesson plans and helping teachers maximize the number of students receiving personalized attention during the school day.

Why It Matters

Decades of systemic inequities have expanded opportunity and achievement gaps within our public schools, especially for students of color. Our mentoring programs respond to these inequities by ensuring that all students have the opportunity to access the resources and support they need to reach their full potential – regardless of their race, zip code, or socio-economic status.


We address opportunity gaps within our public schools created by decades of systemic racism and disparities in wealth.


We are dedicated to creating an environment where students can create their own path and develop the tools they need to succeed.


We build bridges between BPS students and the broader Boston community. By nurturing long-standing relationships between volunteer mentors and school partners, we encourage communities to have an impact on the education system that affects them directly.


We embrace all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and perspectives in all aspects of our work.


We are committed to adapting our programs to the evolving needs of students and educators by staying aligned to feedback from our school communities.

Advocacy (Community Voice)

We empower students and families to have a voice in their education and development, and we empower community members to recognize their own potential to make a difference by participating in schools.

Leading by Example

      • We earn the trust of our colleagues by being willing to collaborate across departments in support of the organization’s greater good
      • We encourage all staff to volunteer as academic mentors to deepen understanding of the services we provide


      • We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by prioritizing developing connections with educators, volunteers, and donors
      • We offer superior matchmaking because our approach is intentional, personalized, and aligned with input from our constituents

Culture of Feedback

      • We are dedicated to making space for staff to share their ideas, suggestions, and concerns
      • We build opportunities for feedback into our planning cycle: planning, implementation, reflection, feedback

Open Door Policy

      • We value moments of connection that can result from even the smallest passing interaction
      • We encourage staff to remain accessible to their colleagues whenever possible – whether in-person or remotely – to promote positive workflow


      • We are committed to adapting our programs to the evolving needs of students and educators
      • We believe that providing flexibility for staff – including versatile work-life balance and a hybrid work environment – will result in greater employee success

Common Purpose

      • We believe in clearly defining the problems we’re trying to solve for, to establish a common goal
      • We believe the goal-setting process is equally important and should be shaped together by the entire team