The 6th annual National Service Recognition Day will be held on April 3, 2018 to highlight the value of national service to the nation’s cities and counties. This year, we are proud to recognize Ahna Kielar, our 2017-18 Ambassador of Mentoring. Halfway through a year of service with Boston Partners via the Highland Street AmeriCorps program, Ahna took some time to reflect on her journey thus far.

Ambassador of Mentoring Ahna Kielar (bottom right) attends Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Youth Mentoring Day with Mother Caroline Academy.

My Americorps experience at Boston Partners has already been one of discovery. The list is endless, but here are a few worth mentioning:

I am discovering Boston through…
  • the lens of the public education system, past and present.
  • the many vibrant neighborhoods.
  • the impressive variety of organizations and initiatives committed to community development.


I am discovering the good in humanity through…
  • our students. They are heart-warming, dynamic and talented, and I’m excited that they are our future!
  • our mentors. I love opening emails from interested mentors — there are so many people who WANT to use their experiences, passions and talents to encourage and support others.
  • the many individuals that play a formative role in a child’s life — it really does take a village!


I am discovering a gem of an office through…
  • the welcoming culture. My first week was filled with one-on-one coffee chats to get to know my coworkers.
  • my supervisor. She is invested in seeing me grow, willing to challenge and support me, and is always humble.
  • my coworkers. They care about education equality and are social-justice minded.
  • the organizational desire to improve. There is a general willingness to implement new systems and learn from others.


I am discovering what motivates me by…
  • providing a path to mobilize people who want to contribute to positive change.
  • increasing impact by diversifying social capital — getting new voices at the table.
  • empowering people based on their assets.
  • taking part in both system change and individual relationship building.
  • encouraging mentoring — a good mentor catalyzes generations of mentors who change the world.