Learning Extends Beyond The Classroom

Welcome to the Boston Partners in Education resources page, a source for online resources that can provide additional support for our academic mentees, mentors, family members and teachers. Whether you’re looking to provide your mentee with additional material during your sessions, learn new strategies and approaches to supporting students in the classroom, or simply review school concepts, you can find the specific materials you need to prepare right here.

Find The Resource For You

To get started, click on one of our three service opportunities (Motivate, Accelerate, Aim High), or on one of our other resource tabs below. From there, you will find helpful links organized by grade level and subject matter, including materials in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), reading, writing and social emotional learning, to help you get the most out of your mentoring experience. 

As you explore, please let us know how these resources are useful as tools supporting academic mentees in the classroom or beyond.  Also, let us know about any other great resources you have discovered. We will continue to review, update and expand this resources page to include online sites as well as downloadable documents, tools, powerpoints, webinars and materials from trainings and workshops.  

Send Resource Page Feedback to:  bostonpartners@bostonpartners.org

Resources By Program

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Motivate (Grades Pre-K-2)Accelerate (Grades K-8)Aim High (Grades 9-12)
Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (S.T.E.M.)

Khan Academy
Math Planet
Math on Video
Math Help

English Language Arts

ELA/Independent Reading/Homework Help
Khan Academy



Mentoring Skills 

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Social and Emotional Learning

Best Practices for Mentors and Teachers 

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