Meet our Team

  • Andy Kall

    I believe in order to have a successful future, we have to enable change individually and locally.

    Development Manager


    Phone: x 3903

  • Jim Laudisio

    Every student deserves the individualized, caring, consistent guidance of a mentor in his or her life.

    Chief Operating Officer


    Phone: x 3732

  • Sue Li

    All children deserve to have access to an excellent education ​regardless of their zip code​s​, their parents​’ earnings​​, or the color of their skin.​

    Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3665

  • Aysia Rodriguez

    I was lucky enough to have several mentors throughout my adolescence and every student deserves that level of patient, knowledgeable, inspiring support.

    Partnerships Manager


    Phone: x 3647

  • Mendie Welu

    We have a civic responsibility to support education — it has the potential to create an even playing field for everyone.

    Training Manager


    Phone: x 3870

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