Building Developmental Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis

Suggestions for building relationships with mentees in a virtual setting, and for facilitating conversations about COVID-19. Note: some checklist items may not align with BPiE’s guidelines for communicating with students, please be mindful of this. 

How Teachers Are Talking to Students About the Coronavirus

Tips for sharing facts about the COVID-19 pandemic with students. 

Guidelines for Addressing the Coronavirus Outbreak

Guidelines for creating a supportive space to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Teachers Can Talk to Children About Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Tips for having age appropriate discussions to reassure and protect children.

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus

Advice for talking to students about racism and xenophobia affecting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities as a result of COVID-19. 

Re-engaging Students – The Rennie Center

This guide focuses on ways schools can work to prevent disengagement, intervene with students who may be struggling, and reengage students. Split into sections by subject area, this guide includes a set of virtual recommendations that can be applied to remote learning.

Race & Ethnicity Resources from Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance has several resources to help facilitate discussions about race and ethnicity, exploring the complexities of identity and inequality. Resources specifically include: Teaching about Race, Racism and Police Violence; Why Teaching Black Lives Matter Matters; Let’s Talk! Facilitating Critical Conversations With Students; Discussing Whiteness.

Resources for Mentors Around Race, Inclusion, and Cultural Respect

MENTOR has compiled our key resources that seek to help mentoring programs and mentors better show up for and with young people. Resources specifically include: a Guide to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color; Supporting Youth in the Wake of Trauma; Masculinity Guide; Tips for Leading with Intention and Taking Action Steps in the Fight for Racial Justice.