Boston Partners in Education connects corporations and organizations to Boston Public Schools student and educator needs. As part of our Education As An Equalizer campaign, we want to connect BPS classrooms with companies who can provide needed technology, including Chromebooks and WiFi access.

All students deserve an equal chance

This past May, thousands of Boston Public Schools students dropped out of online classes – many because they simply lacked the tools needed to thrive. Students like Jose Escobar – highlighted here in the Boston Globe – recognize that not being able to log on and access their classes puts them behind their peers and widens their knowledge gaps.

We must continue to level the playing field for students disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the trauma of racial injustice. To give children an equal opportunity, all students need access to the same tools needed to make the transition to virtual learning – regardless of their race, neighborhood, or home life. Together, we can close the virtual dropout rate by ensuring that all students can work and learn, no matter where classes are held.

Can your company donate resources to BPS students and educators?

  • Supplies
  • Chromebooks
  • WiFi access

Contact Erin McGrath at [email protected] for more information.