Thanks to all who joined us at the 15th Annual Big Cheese Reads Gala, where we celebrated how stories ignite the imagination. Just by being in the room, you’ve become an integral part of our story.

Chapter 1: “Your support makes all of this happen”

This year’s Gala was one for the record (and story) books. Thanks to your overwhelming support, we’ve already raised over $650,000 in support of our in-class mentoring programs.

That means more schools like the Mildred Avenue K-8 receiving critical support for its students and teachers. It means more Big Cheese Readers building bridges between our city’s classrooms and boardrooms. And it means more mentors like Crystal Haynes and David Brown, folks from Boston’s communities, who will be able to create lasting relationships with students over the course of the school year.

Chapter 2: “Without him, I wouldn’t be the same me”

As Gala honoree Tom O’Brien reminded us, “We are all bound to one another through a shared responsibility and common mission.”

There is no better example than the bond we saw formed between David and Ronnie at the Boston Arts Academy. For David, upholding the responsibility to give back to students at his former high school has created a connection with Ronnie that will forever be a part of their respective stories. Here’s another look at their inspiring journey together:

Epilogue: “An urgency of now — a call to action”

Mr. O’Brien also invites us “to be engaged champions for the unlimited potential of every child.” This is the very core of Boston Partners’ mission, and it’s a story that cannot be finished without you. Please consider continuing to add to our story by:

Thank you again for making our Gala a truly unbelievable evening. We look forward to sharing our next chapters with you.